Tuesday, August 23, 2005

Today Marks the First

i once pretended i would grow up to be some grand and famous author. my teachers even told me so back when i was a wee one in 7th grade. now many years down the road (and i mean many... but not too many), here i am with a J-O-B job, hating it, and daydreaming of fine-tuning my literary skills with a "public forum/social commentary" (edit, 'pop culture' commentary - i realized 'social' meant politics, too) outlet; after 4 years of LJing it i schwampeed this site idea from a source that i've already schwampeed enough from - and here i am. man do i love semi-colons.

i don't imagine this catching on quickly, or even at all, but i'll write my litte heart out, like i'm writing to all the pop whores who are just as obsessed as i am.

the first matter of order is my new staple in life:

i could go on about it, or you could click on the link.

click on the link.

and before i head on home to the District of Columbia - one thing i'm going to ponder on my 25 mile trek is - when did baby spice get hot?


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