Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Finding Out True Love is Blind

well folks, it's almost noon EST here in the suburbs of DC and i can't stand to be at work any longer. it's probably because the woman i am "teamed" up with is an outright moron who doesn't stop bitching. about anything. ever. could be her knee. could be someone asked her to help them. could be her daughter is freaked out about giving her second child formula and she's never done it before. her laughing makes my ears bleed. or maybe that's from me jabbing pencils down my ear canals. either way folks, i'm bleeding all over my $78 Banana Republic Stretch Poplin olive button-up.

but i digress.

i'm still contemplating the point of this blog. commentary on my life (as seen above), and about all things celebrity as seen here: 'Natasha Lyonne is dying, and her Father is suing'.

poor gal. hopefully she'll pull through and we'll have an excellent E! True Hollywood Story about her in the following months.

speaking of E! True Hollywood Story -- what a shame it is that we've never seen one on any visual artists. not even warhol. after perusing the list of all of the people with their very own E! documentaries, it appears you had to be rich and famous, which knocks out about 75% of visual artists ever.

well, here's hoping that many years down the road, up and coming DC artist Alicia K. Cosnahan has her very own E! True Hollywood Story. DC has a tendency to be passed off and merely described as a "political hotbed", but the amount of creativity coming from this city is impressive.

so, maybe a spiel about art every once in awhile? check out Alicia's site 'here'.

and no, i haven't bothered to really listen to that Louis XIV album.


Blogger Tea said...

I loved Natasha in "But I'm a Cheerleader!" That's so sad :(

xo, Tara

4:04 PM  

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