Monday, September 19, 2005

Back to the Land of Milk and Honey

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yes folks, i've been too cool for you. you know, having a life. translation: been hanging out with vodka a lot more lately.

so everyone in my life understands and is aware of my complete disdain for good charlotte. cannot stand them. and the more i see their dumb faces in the news lately, the crazier i get. they make the SAME fucking face in every picture taken. example seen here. do it - google them. joel or benji madden. same stupid douche licking face every time!

what's been going on? NOLA is still recovering from Katrina. every little bit helps. and in celebrity land, the biggest news thus far might be the birth of Britney's baby. as of yet, no one's sure of the name but it's somewhere along the line of Sean Preston London Michael Spears Federline. the child is doomed.

onward: renee and kenny are kaputt - like we didn't have money on that. katie hol- i mean, kate cruise is still brainwashed. elijah wood has become the creepiest celebrity in hollywood as of late. lil kim's en route to cell block 8. team aniston appeared on oprah. coutrney love's old habits die hard. the emmy's were last night, and while the ceremony was dumb ellen killed. brad pitt may get naked as jesse james. kate moss does coke? surely, you jest. and sienna miller is a fucking moron.

and right now, my nose is running a marathon so i bid you adieu (something cured by more vodka i'm sure).


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