Wednesday, July 26, 2006

don't go changin...

mo'nique hugging
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... to try and please me.

so on july 7th, at DC's Constitution Hall, i saw miss Mo'nique. it's hard for me to not call her Queen Mo'nique, as that was how i was first introduced to her. the night was a winner, minus the $16 double-vodka sprite purchased. i mean forreal though, $16? it's not like it was grey goose or van gogh - friggin absolut.

but whatever, you don't need to hear me (read me?) bitch about vodka. i still love it and drink it regardless of price. or consequences.

so lance bass came out. if anyone is surprised, i'll be willing to say you're a motherfucking moron. but hurrah to him for finally doing it. it's courageous and maybe the more that gays are visible, the less they'll be treated as second class citizens. that also probably depends on gw bush though.

tangent - why the FUCK is the bush administration so concerned with homosexuals marrying? is that REALLY the big issue we should worrying about? what about that WAR over THERE where tons of CHILDREN are being killed? a family in Texas just lost BOTH sons recently. and what about oil prices? we can't afford to drive to work, bush, can't pay our bills, but shit you're RIGHT, i really hate gay people and would rather they not marry and me starve to death.


so, yes, celeb news. it's all the same but different. i'll elaborate later. maybe in 7 weeks?


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