Friday, December 16, 2005

the newly weds no more

the newly weds no more
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yes, it's been 9,713 days since i last posted but sucks for you that i have a life. but about nick and jessica's divorce announcement (which yes i know was like 3 weeks ago) let me just say: i am jack's utter lack of surprise. come on people - the money is FLYING in las vegas on this one.

also, let's hope that britney spears wakes the FUCK up and divorces the SHIT out of kevin soon. she took away his ferrari like a smart girl and i can't wait for more.

also, aeon flux sucked. sorry charlize, maybe you should stick to the ugly roles.

kim and eminem to remarry? do it for the kids, ya. and still to this day, moby will not get off the man's dick and frankly i'm tired of it. i'm sorry your pussy hurts, moby.

former fatty DJ AM broke up with his anorexic fiancee nicole richie. who cares... but apparently paris does, who offerend sympathy to her estranged friend. great, now can we get the simple life back on track?

until next time folks...


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