Tuesday, October 17, 2006

i still have things to say

at brashers
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i almost became prey after being duped by a decoy but here i am to ramble even more.

brad and angelina should just adopt a whole country of kids. madonna is mad she didn't start this trent. sienna miller doesn't like pittsburgh? the dallas cowboys were a giant (expected) disappointment at the big philly game. why must i love them? jennifer anisto is still rachel to me. britney spears has made her second worst mistake with the birth of young Federline #2. the 300 millionth american is a little spanish boy they say. dammit, i took german in high school. ashlee simpson is now ashlee v2.0 - jessica's even less appealing. pete wentz is a tool.

line break?

katie holmes and victoria beckham, fellow stepford wives. paris hilton and travis barker: the funniest hot minute ever. nicole and keith 4 eva. i could say so much more except really i can't because internet explorer is about to shut down. again. i <3 microsoft.


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